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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Why are 3 so clueless?

Okay, here's the explanation.

My mobile phone contract with 3 UK is just about to expire, so on Wed 3rd October I went into their shop (on Oxford Street near work- not in the suburbs or anything), to talk to them about a new one. on their keyboard, Oh, you're entitled to an upgrade.

So I take their brochure away with me, so I can make a decision on my own without the salesman's beady eye on me. I decided I liked the look of Nokia's N95 - it's gizmotastic, albeit (with insurance) at little bit more than my current phone - maybe 10-15%, for less minutes, but I don't use all my existing minutes anyway.

I went back on the Friday to get the thing - although I couldn't. Apparently I didn't have the paperwork required, I need proof of address. Why they can't just look in their existing records for my address, which served them well these past 12 months I don't know, but I digress.

Bank statement in pocket, I went back on Monday. After some initial confusion I got handed back to the initial salesman, who recognises me. Yes, that'll do for paperwork, but we don't have any in stock. We've got a delivery due tomorrow (the 9th(, give us your number, we'll ring you.

Today was Saturday, I had heard nothing. Feeling generous, I bundled all my paperwork into my pocket, and went down to the local mall, where there's a shop. Went in, briefly explained the situation, and asked the key question. No, sorry, we don't have any. Nearly exploded, but condensed my rant into something polite. Was told that it was unlikely any other branch would have one either. Apparently managment underestimated the demand, the warehouse don't have any.

Remember now, 3 are haemmoraging money, to the point where their parent company has decided not to take repayments on their loan until their fortunes improve (for notes, search El Reg).

Out of curiousity, I went two doors up the road, to another carrier (headquartered in Newbury). Now obviously I can't just switch like that, I need a PAC code to move, and getting hold of that might take a few days, and I'm angry, so best not do anything rash here, but I tell them what just happened, and ask if they have any in stock - Yes, of course, although we're a little bit more expensive than they are. They give me a catalogue and I head home.

I check the catalogue, and confer with their website - yes, they are more expensive. £3.

If you find a better product, switch to it.


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