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Monday, July 03, 2006

Background to that Frank Lampard photo.

A little background here.

At Euro 2004 England got knocked out after one of the players got taken off injured. This was the cue for the local idiots in the pub downstairs from me to try and start some trouble - apparently someone got stabbed, and I feel they would have started smashing things with street furniture if only it wasn't so heavy. Alcohol and idiots have never been a good combination.

So when the match went to penalties I dashed upstarts to get my camera, in the hope of catching some of this action from a safe distance (the front door to my flat is away from that side). It wasn't happening though - the pub has changed, so I experimented with photographing the TV.

Considering that was handheld, shooting my television, and my digital camera has a hideous delay between pressing the shutter, and the photo being taken, I think it turned out well. It only had to be slightly enhanced and sharpened. It wasn't intentionally any particular player, just a depressed English footballer...


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